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The 2020-2021 Theatre Badin Performances


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by Burton Bumgarner
October 30, 2020—7:00 PM
Live-streamed via https://youtube.com/BadinRams


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By Don Zolidis
Jan 22, 2021 at 7 :00 PM
Live-streamed via https://youtube.com/BadinRams


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Our Place
By Terry Gabbard
April 9, 2021 at 7 :00 PM
*Hopefully in front of an audience! Stay tuned.


Course Offerings

Public Speaking
Students will learn basic delivery skills of volume, projection, rate, expression, and eye contact in short, fun personal speeches, that will improve speaking skills. Students will also learn important note card and outline creation techniques that will carry over to their other classes. Throughout the semester they will give “All About Me” speech, an informative speech, persuasive speech, demonstration speech, informal speeches.

Theater 1
The essentials of acting technique for the stage, including voice, body movement, self-awareness, imagination, and concentration will be investigated. Characterizations and staging will then be expanded upon through various improvisations, scene work, and script analysis. Students will learn theater conventions, vocabulary, and theater history.

Theater 2
Expanding on Theater 1 skills, including aspects of productions. Students will work to select a one act play, looking at different performance needs and aspects. Students will rehearse, block, and work on the show with the project culminating in the One Acts Performance. Some evenings and weekends may be necessary to produce, rehearse and perform scenes or shows.

Theater 3
The purpose of Theater 3 is to give students the opportunity to continue working in-depth on the performing and producing of modern and classic theatre pieces. Students will work on modern and classical acting styles, movement, vocal production, and Shakespearean language. Students will be expected to direct and/or perform in a one act show. Some evenings and weekends may be necessary to produce, rehearse and perform scenes or shows.

Stagecraft 1
The purpose of Stagecraft I is to familiarize those students interested in theatre with some of the aspects of the “backstage” operation of a production. This class is devoted to the knowledge and skills useful to anyone working on the technical aspects of a production, set construction, lights, and sound. Students will put their newly learned skills to use in the construction of the semester shows. Students will be expected to help with the running of the show and periodic Saturday Stagecrafts.

Stagecraft 2
The purpose of Stagecraft II allows students already familiar with the “backstage” operations of the theatre a chance to design, plan and implement, coordinate and organize all aspects of the production. Students will participate in set, light, sound and crew head responsibilities. The course will require periodic Saturday Stagecrafts and working on the school musical and/or dramatic productions.

Introduction to Costume
Students will learn the basic elements of costume design, including character/script analysis, collaboration, historical and sociological research, visual design ideas and techniques, budgeting and time management as well as both hand and machine sewing skills related to the basics of creating and altering clothing. Knowledge of fabrics and materials as well as costume history will be explored. There is no requirement of previous sewing experience.

Playwriting 1
This class is dedicated to the process of playwriting. Students will learn to write plays by reading and writing plays/scenes. This course is an introduction to playwriting as a way of telling stories. We will focus on the following questions: How do I get started? What are the key elements of playwriting? Why write for the stage? How is playwriting different than writing for television and film? What stories do I want to tell? What are the different theatrical forms through which I could tell my story?


After School Opportunities

Musical, One Acts, and Spring Show are open to all students, you don’t have to be in a theater class to participate. Backstage, on stage it does not matter- all are welcome.

Benefits of being involved in Theater

  • Builds self confidence
  • Teaches group dynamics
  • Nurtures grace under pressure
  • Tangible skills
  • You learn empathy
  • Research skills
  • Expands cultural awareness
  • Learn principles of stagecraft (costumes, set, sound, lights, props, and painting techniques)
  • Have fun!

For more information, please contact
Sarah Cline, B.A., B.A., M.Ed
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