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This is one of many spotlights about Badin graduates and their successes in life.

The Pohlman family has been in the automotive industry for many years. Ryan’s grandfather, Jim Pohlman, opened his first store in 1963 with his brother-in-law John. They eventually operated 22 stores before selling them. His father, Jeff Pohlman ‘77, opened his first store in 1990 and increased his operation to 5 stores. His uncle Eric opened a store in 1996 and his grandfather still operates one Goodyear store that is run by Ryan’s uncle Alan.

Ryan started working for his father when he was 16, doing jobs such as cleaning, changing oil and tires. He worked every day after school and during breaks/summer. He attended Miami University and continued to work at the Pohlman’s Oxford store. After 5 years in the business he transitioned to sales and management, then worked as a manager for about 4 years and was promoted to general manager, handling the day-to-day operations for 5 locations and one parts store. When his father sold the company in November 2018, Ryan ventured out on his own, purchasing his uncle’s company, Eric's Auto and Tire Service, as of January 1, 2019.

Ryan really enjoys interacting with his customers and team. His business allows him to meet new people every day, and some of those interactions have turned into lifelong friendships. He also likes the daily challenges that comes with owning a business. The industry is constantly changing and keeps him on his toes, requiring his team to constantly adapt and find solutions to customer's problems. Ryan and his team are happy to solve people's problems, and he believes they have the best team in place to achieve that.

Ryan is married to Danielle, an intervention specialist at Badin, and they have two daughters and a son. They live in Hamilton.

During this time of the COVID-19 virus, Eric’s Auto & Tire Service remains open to serve their customers by offering vehicle pickup and delivery if you need any work done on your vehicle. Contact Ryan by email: You can find out more on his website:

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Alumni Spotlight on: RYAN POHLMAN '05

Ryan Pohlman '05

Is there anything in particular that you'd like to share about what you do? In 2002 I started working for my Dad in the auto repair industry. After Badin, I graduated in 2009 from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Business. In 2019 I purchased Eric's Auto and Tire Service from my Uncle Eric. He founded the business in 1996. I enjoy meeting new people and interacting with old friends everyday.

What led you to your career/business or mission? The majority of my family has been in the automotive industry, so I guess you could say it is a family tradition. I started working for my Dad when I was 16. He helped teach me the different aspects of running a business and guided me to where I am today.

What is your best advice for current Badin students? Enjoy the people you meet at Badin, because they will turn into lifelong friendships. Also, don't be afraid to take chances and make the most of any opportunity presented to you.

Thinking of yourself, what are you most proud of? My family. I have an amazing wife and 3 great children.

What is one thing that you learned while at Badin that you still use and value today? Badin taught me the basic business fundamentals that I have developed throughout my career. I enjoyed accounting, marketing, and the ambassador program, but there is one class that always comes to mind. I took a computer class with Mr. Gretz. He covered a few programs but I concentrated on Microsoft Excel. He taught us the basic functions, formulas, and shortcuts that I still use everyday.

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