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This is one of many spotlights about Badin graduates and their successes in life.

Andy Hogan ’82, a retired NCIS Special Agent, has spent the last 31 years serving our country. Andy served for the Naval Investigative Service, later NCIS, retiring last May as the Executive Assistant Director for Criminal Operations and Investigations. He has a Master of Arts in Policy Management from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Bowling Green State University. Andy is now a consultant for the Department of Defense.

Thank you for your service Andy!

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Alumni Spotlight on: ANDY HOGAN '82

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What led you to your career/business or mission? I grew up with a sense of pride in America and knew I wanted to serve our country in some capacity. I was fortunate to be hired by the Naval Investigative Service, later NCIS, right out of college and served for 31 years retiring last May as the Executive Assistant Director for Criminal Operations and Investigations.

Where have you traveled in the world? I've enjoyed the opportunity to travel to over 40 countries during my career and we lived in Italy on 2 separate occasions for a total of 5 years, and in Japan for 3 years. We loved skiing in the Alps and enjoyed a cruise down the Nile River one New Year.

What is your best advice for current Badin students? Enjoy your time at Badin and the people around you. Pay attention in English (Class) and learn how to write. Employers spend a great deal of time training you in the mission but have no time to teach you what you should already know. A shout out to Mr. Renneker and Mrs. Vido!

What is your best memory as a Badin student or your favorite story about Badin? I remember going to football and basketball games and hanging out in the parking lot afterwards enjoying time with my friends.

What is one thing that you learned while at Badin that you still use and value today? Work hard, be honest, enjoy life and give back.

Is there anything in particular that you'd like to share about what you do? I had a very satisfying career working counterintelligence and criminal investigations as a federal agent for 31 years. I'd like to encourage today's generation of Badin students to consider public service of some kind. America will always face challeges and need the bright young leaders that Badin produces year after year to meet those challenges.

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