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This is one of many spotlights about Badin graduates and their successes in life.

Kelly’s career has been shaped by her goal to protect biodiversity as a traveling Animal Keeper, Field Biologist and Conservationist, all rolled into one. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology from Miami University, with offsite study at Duke University's Marine Lab.

After graduating college and completing a zoo-keeping internship at the Cincinnati Zoo, she became specialized in Field Husbandry – meaning that she cares for/rehabilitates animals in remote locations and also does field research on a focal species.

Her exciting career has included caring for a population of Ring-Tailed Lemurs on an island off the Georgia coast, caring for San Clemente Loggerhead Shrikes on an island off California, serving as a research technician for Diamondback Terrapins, monitoring Sea Turtle nests (Georgia coast), and working was an AmeriCorps rehab technician at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. She also served as the Husbandry/Research Technician for the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Recovery Project. (Currently, this subspecies of sparrow is the most endangered North American bird, and is on the brink of extinction, therefore a captive breeding and release project was initiated for them.) Kelly was hired onto the project to be a bridge between the captive breeding keepers and the field biologists. She spent a breeding season caring for a captive flock in Florida with a goal of creating the most natural environment that they could in an aviary, interacting with them as little as possible so that the parents could raise their own young and be as wild as possible! Kelly also spent a winter doing field work in the sparrows’ natural habitat, and spent 6 months living and working on a Florida prairie – the release site for captive bred birds. She monitored and assisted with nest protection efforts for the wild sparrow population, established the Field Husbandry site, put together the acclimation aviary, and overseeing their first releases in the summer of 2019.

Currently, Kelly has returned to the Cincinnati area and is an animal keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo. She’s been termed a “hybrid” between Field Biologist and Animal Keeper and loves both areas of work and working toward a cause that is bigger than herself. She’s determined to contribute & uses her skills to build a healthier planet.

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Alumni Spotlight on: KELLY CURRIER '10


Kelly Currier '10

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about our planet and working to protect it's beautiful biodiversity. The health of humans reflects the health of the planet, so the importance of a healthy earth is what fuels me to do what I do.

Who inspires you and why? My biggest inspirations are Rachel Carson, Sylvia Earle, Robin Wall Kimmerer, and Carol Ruckdeschel – these are all women scientists who have given all they've got to fight for the Earth. They believe in respecting nature, have contributed massively to conservation, and have found ways to reach people all over the world with their words.

Kelly Currier '10

What is your best advice for current Badin students? My best advice is to follow your hearts. Trying to fit into the mold of society won't lead you to happiness, so don't be afraid to do what's best for YOU. Get to know yourself and acknowledge your strengths, and there WILL be a way to merge your strengths with your passion! That's how you will find happiness and how you can truly help the world.


Kelly Currier '10


Who way your favorite faculty member at Badin? My favorite faculty member was Mrs. Jean Palmer. She showed me the importance of expression and self-reflection, which ultimately led me to opening myself up to my truest passions. I'm so thankful for her insight and encouragement.

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