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This is one of many spotlights about Badin graduates and their successes in life.

Nick Bauer is a sculptor and also the co-owner of DBS Stainless Steel Fabricators. He’s been in business for over 15 years and gets to use his creative mind to create beautiful sculptures, stainless countertops, tables, and more. Nick has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Miami University with a major in Graphic Design, and a minor in Illustration & Metals and Jewelry Making. Nick is married and has two daughters – Parker and Finley. Follow Nick on Facebook: @DBS.Stainless.Steel

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Alumni Spotlight on: NICK BAUER '96

Nick Bauer ‘96

What are you passionate about? The Arts. Having gone from doodling at a young age, to studying art, and to entering the work force as an art professional I've never left the arts behind. Seeing the Hamilton community revitalize through the Arts over the years has been awesome. I love sharing creativity, whether through serving as a board member for the City of Sculpture or using arts as a way to problem solve.

What is your best advice for current Badin students? Never stop learning.

Thinking of yourself, what are you most proud of? I would have to say where I've ended up so far. I never thought I would end up near my hometown running a business that my father started. I have an awesome wife, Liesl, and two incredible daughters: Parker & Finley. While I went to college for Graphic Design, I have some how managed to forge a small place in the art community as a Sculptor. I currently have a backlit wall sculpture (Celestial Waves) and hanging mobile sculpture (Celestial Bodies) at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in an outdoor rooftop area for the patients. A sculptural memorial bike rack (The Maestro) sits out in front of the Hamilton Central YMCA and just around the corner is my sculpture 'Urban Renewal' that was selected by the new Marcum Apartments.

What is one thing that you learned while at Badin that you still use and value today? I think what I took away most from my Badin experience is to be accepting of all people. I learned about various religions and faiths, but was taught and shown that when you get down to some of the basic aspects we really aren't that different when it comes to caring for others.

Is there anything in particular that you'd like to share about what you do? As a co-owner of DBS Stainless Steel Fabricators with my brother-in-law Sam Robuck ’91, we are a small local business that remains relatively unknown. It was started over 30 years ago by my father and has been producing quality custom restaurant equipment, countertops, work tables, corner guards, etc. You've probably not even realized you seen our work (or at least had a meal prepared on our work) in Skyline, Graeter's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dewey's Pizza, City BBQ, The Eagle, Curritos, and other local restaurants.

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