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Retreat Program

All students attend a class retreat each year

Retreat Leadership Discernment Team (RLDT)

New for the 2022 – 2023 school year. A group of senior retreat leaders are invited to assist with creating the retreat leadership teams for the year.

Freshman RAMILY Retreat

Each freshman will attend a 1 school day retreat off campus. The class is taken to a local YMCA camp to focus on team building, class unity, working together, etc. Boys attend on one day, and girls attend the next. This retreat is led by members of our senior class.

Sophomore HOPE Retreat

Sophomores will enjoy a 1-day retreat off campus. There are four separate retreat dates within the same week to make smaller groups. This retreat is led by members of the senior class

JOY Junior Retreat

All juniors will attend a 1-night overnight retreat. They leave after school on Day-1 and return by the end of the school day on Day 2. This 24 hour retreat gives students the opportunity to consider where and how they find their JOY. Using the equation: Jesus + Others + You = True Joy! This retreat is led by members of our senior class. Juniors can sign up for a specific date during religion class.

Senior KAIROS Retreat

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Kairos is a 4 day retreat for all seniors. This retreat is led by a peer leadership team as well as members of Badin's faculty & staff. This retreat is an opportunity for students to look at Christ in their lives and to gain valuable perspective on relationships with themselves, friends, family and their faith. Discovery of the focus of Kairos is a process; each activity builds upon the others and leads to future activities. There are numerous 'surprises' that come at specific points in the retreat for very specific purposes! Spiritual, personal, and emotional growth are all goals of this retreat!

Girls Retreat

In January, the young ladies of BHS are invited to attend a 1 night retreat at the High Ground Retreat & Conference Center in Indiana. This retreat focuses on the strengths of our girls and guides them in confidence, friendship, and faith. This retreat is facilitated by female faculty & staff with the help of our outstanding Alumnae Volunteers.

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