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May 20, 2024

Major awards from Badin High highlight 2023-24 school year

Badin High School has three major awards events to recognize outstanding students for their performance during the current school year. This year, those events included the $250,000 Signing Day event on Thursday, May 9; the Scholarship and Awards Program on Tuesday, May 14; and Senior Mass on Friday, May 17.

“It’s important, and it’s always enjoyable, to recognize so many students for their excellence,” Badin Principal Patrick Keating said. “These events, two of which are in front of the entire student body, honor those students and underline the efforts they bring to Badin.”

Among the major awards included:
Senior Department award winners:
English – Erin McMillan
Science – Zach Yordy
Tom Rains Social Studies – Tyler Abner
Mathematics – Reed “Rudy” Joesting
Religion -- Luke Franchini
World Languages – Mikaela Merrelli
Joe DeAngelo Business – Shea Scarborough
Performing Arts – Patrick Farrell
Visual Arts – Paige Harris

Nine juniors received book awards in recognition of outstanding performance during the 2023-24 school year.

  • The Bowdoin College Book Award for innovative thinking went to Molly Black.
  • The Brown University Book Award for excellence in English went to Josie Halverson.
  • The Badin Service Learning Book Award went to Noah Ellis.
  • The St. Michael’s College Book Award for service and academic success went to Eleanor Colaco.
  • The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Academic Excellence award went to Andrew Keck.
  • The Tulane University Book Award for academics, leadership and public service went to Eli Wesner.
  • The University of Louisville Yarmuth Book Award for intellectual curiosity went to Maguire Smith.
  • The University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Award for science went to Kathleen Burke.
  • The University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award for leadership and dedication to community action went to Bella Balster.

The Sister Dorothy Stang Award for service went to senior Anthony Jackman.
The Spirit of St. Julie Billiart Award went to senior Sami Tokarczyk.
The Badin Cuvilly Award for faculty living in the spirit of Christ in all things went to Dr. Ben Paulus, senior religion teacher.

Servant Leadership awards went to seniors Ava Brink, Julia Cogan, Maggie Ernst, Kelsey Harsh.

Seniors Paige Harris and Sophia Williams were recognized for earning national service awards through Badin’s partnership with United Nations Association-USA for all four years of high school.

A total of 250 students received the ServeOhio Community Impact Award for volunteering 20+ hours over four or more service activities during the course of the school year.

Additionally, 116 students earned national recognition, including 20 students who earned the National Ambassador Award for 100+ hours of service through 12 or more activities.

Other Academic Department Awards went to the following:

  • English – Jocelyn Brenot (junior); Emily Lam (sophomore); Claire Giffen (freshman).
  • Science – Ben Welch (junior); Wyatt Baker (sophomore); Lily Tischler (freshman).
  • Tom Rains Social Studies – Maguire Smith (junior); Luke Franchini (sophomore); Maddie Stephens (freshman).
  • Mathematics – Kathleen Burke (junior); Josie Veite (sophomore); Bella Heile (freshman).
  • Religion – Brady Bucheit (junior); Connor Wood (sophomore); Skye Hartkemeyer (freshman).
  • World Languages – Michelle Garcia (junior); Kira Rohan (sophomore); Lexi Lindblad (freshman).
  • Business – Macbeth Flores-Ramirez (junior); Miley Zorb (sophomore); Hans Wolterman (freshman).
  • Performing Arts – Michael Shook (junior); Olivia Snyder (sophomore); Sophia Provart (freshman)
  • Visual Arts – Mia Siefert (junior); Paul Sabourin (sophomore); Gabrielle Samples (freshman).
  • Two students – seniors Steven Chen and Nicolai Salgado-Urcia – received the Seal of Biliteracy Award for foreign language excellence.

There were a number of awards from the Ohio High School Athletic Association:

  • The Archie Griffin Award for sportsmanship, from the Ohio High School Athletic Association, went to seniors Shelby Mulcare and Zach Yordy.
  • The OHSAA Award for Scholar-Athletes went to senior Brayden Eldridge.
  • The OHSAA Award of Excellence went to senior Luke Franchini.
  • The OHSAA Exemplary Service Award went to M.J. Edwards, an adult who serves as a manager for football and basketball.
  • The Courageous Student Award from the OHSAA went to senior Quentin Questa.
  • Seniors Nicholas Dunn, Brady Hilgeman and Becca Moore were recognized for being three-sport athletes for all four years at Badin.

A number of donor-funded Badin scholarships went to the following returning students:

  • The Jeff Boyle Group Scholarship: junior Trevor Friedel.
  • The Daniel Francis Pate Memorial Scholarship: juniors Maguire Smith and Ben Welch and sophomore Trent Owens.
  • The Carol Michael Williams Memorial Art Scholarship: juniors Elizabeth Carruthers, Ava Hodgson-Geiger and Claire Mazes
  • The Celeste Broermann Memorial Scholarship: junior Roscoe Martin
  • The Erin Golden Memorial Scholarship: junior Xander Arnold
  • The Joe DeAngelo Memorial Scholarship: junior Gabriela Martinez
  • The Jon McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship: freshman Logan Karwisch
  • The Paul Seal Memorial Scholarship: junior Trevor Friedel
  • The Dean and Marysue Wright Scholarship: sophomore Sam’mya Broyles

Nine donor-funded Badin scholarships were awarded to graduating seniors:

  • The Katherine Schindler Memorial Scholarship: Sami Tokarczyk
  • The Mike Cappa Memorial Scholarship: Ava Brink
  • The Patrick Connelly Leadership Scholarship: Grant Wissman
  • The Kruger and Hodges Scholarship: Miranda Weisenberger
  • The Kappers Family Scholarship: Anne Whalen
  • The Jim Hinkel Memorial Scholarship: Eli Little
  • The Dan and Maribeth Graf Scholarship: Emmy Demmel
  • The Slovisky Family Scholarship: Ethan Martinez and A.J. Sackenheim

Various donor-funded Badin scholarships were awarded to incoming freshmen:

  • The Becker Reed Family Scholarship: Lily Massey (Springer School).
  • The Tim Hare Memorial Scholarship: Sa’rynedi Broyles (St. Ann).
  • The Bob and Nelda Ernst Scholarship: Abby Falk, Addy Fleckenstein, Genevieve Gallagher and Evelyn Robinson (Queen of Peace) and Connor Buelter and Tessa Riegert (Mother Teresa).
  • The Robert Brennan Memorial Scholarship: Lily Massey (Springer School) and Jesse Santomauro (St. Gabriel).
  • The Pay It Forward Scholarship: Neilson Allman (St. Joseph), Kaitlyn Cochran (St. Peter in Chains) and Drew Ressle (Sacred Heart).

A total of 42 members of the class – from a graduating class of 137 students – were a part of the $250,000 Club. Those students received $250,000 or more in college academic scholarship offers. Those 42 students will attend 18 colleges and universities in eight states, including Arizona. Those members of the Class of 2024 earned some $22.8 million in college academic scholarship offers.

Contact: Dirk Q. Allen, or (513) 869-4490

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