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February 27, 2023

Badin hygiene drive makes a good start

Badin High School Student Council took a run at a “hygiene” drive this year, and moderator Mrs. Erin Keating said that the school will do it again.

“This was the first time we did something like this,” she noted of the drive that benefited the Open Door Food Pantry, “and this gives us a baseline. We’ll increase the attention on the event next year, because we know how necessary these items are.”

Badin substituted the hygiene drive in late January for its longtime canned food drive, because the food pantry indicated that they had plenty of canned goods but never enough self-care items.

“Our students are very supportive of these donation drives,” Keating said. “Once this event takes hold as a regular annual event, the donations will just keep increasing.”

As it was, Badin students brought numerous regular-sized items for Open Door to have available for those in need, including: 112 bottles of shampoo/conditioner; 112 items of body wash/soap; 192 tubes of toothpaste and/or tooth brushes; and 90 deodorants.

“We think about food insecurity all the time,” Keating said, “but we don’t think quite as often about items that will help people with their hygiene. It’s important, because it’s all a matter of human dignity.”

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