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June 23, 2022

Natalie Carley named Admissions Director at Badin High

Carley named admissions director at Badin High School


"Very excited," is how Natalie Carley describes herself as she steps into the job of admissions director at Stephen T. Badin High School in Hamilton.

A 2014 graduate of Badin, Carley said, “I had a wonderful experience at Badin. It feels like I’m coming home.”

Carley steps in for Dirk Q. Allen, who has retired after 14 years as the admissions director, moving into a part-time role in media relations at the Catholic high school on New London Road.

Badin is on an enrollment uptick with some 640 students registered for the 2022-23 school year. Students are attending from nearly 50 different junior high schools and 30 zip codes.

“This is an exciting time to come on board,” said Carley, who has spent the last four years in admissions at Miami University Regionals. She is a graduate of Xavier University with a double major in Public Relations and Sports Management.

Carley said she would focus on “relationship building. It’s something I really value and it’s such an important part of the process – dealing with prospective students and their families and the local schools.”

“Natalie is really going to do well in this role,” BHS Principal Patrick Keating said. “As a graduate of Badin High School, Natalie bleeds green and can speak to the opportunities available here at Badin. Her experience working in the admissions department at Miami University gives her a unique perspective in welcoming students into Badin High School as well as criteria for success beyond Badin.”

“I can really speak to the Ramily,” said Carley, using the student colloquial for the Badin Family, since the school’s mascot is a Ram. “It’s something that sets us apart. You’re part of the Ramily right off the bat – students and teachers who are going to have your back for the rest of your life.”

Asked about her four years at Badin, Carley called them “awesome; that’s the easiest way to put it. When I think of my Badin experience and all of the things I got to do, it was just awesome. I’m glad to be in a position where I can encourage students to come to Badin so that they, too, can have a terrific high school career.”

Contact: Dirk Q. Allen, or (513) 869-4490

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