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December 13, 2021

Badin High students produce big number in Canned Food Drive

For the fourth consecutive year, Badin High School students have donated five figures worth of canned goods for charity in the school’s annual Canned Food Drive.

Helping to spearhead the drive for their Senior Service project were, at left, seniors Madison Hodapp and Haylie Jacobs. Badin Student Council organizes the drive each year, directed this year by President Liz Feltner and Moderator Mrs. Erin Keating.

“It was another great year,” said Mrs. Erin Keating, moderator of Student Council, which helps oversee the drive. “Our students and families understand the importance of food donations, especially at the holidays, and they always respond effectively.”

Badin students donated 12,716 canned goods, an average of 20.5 cans per student. That’s more than double the annual goal of 10 cans per student, which would represent 6,200 cans in the four-grade Catholic high school of 620 students.

The sophomore class led the way with 3,743 cans, or 26.9 cans per student. They were followed by the senior class, with 3,185 cans, or 20.2 cans per student.

“We do this every year, and the students always rise to the challenge,” Keating said. “That’s one thing that always impresses me. Even though this is an annual event, the students never take it for granted. Each year is a new year, they take the drive seriously, and they do a terrific job with it.”

The ability to get into various neighborhoods, with the easing of Covid19 restrictions, likely helped increase the total donations. Last year, the Badin total was 10,826 items. This year, Badin enrollment is up by some 20 students … but the number of cans donated was up nearly 2,000 cans!

Seniors Haylie Jacobs and Madison Hodapp helped spearhead the drive as part of their Senior Service Project. The donations went to Shared Harvest Food Bank and the Community Meal Center at the Presbyterian Church in downtown Hamilton.

The Canned Food Drive is part of the school’s annual Spirit Week Competition, which is scheduled for February 2022.

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