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April 16, 2021

Badin High sets two more One Act plays

Two more One Act plays will wrap up the Badin High School drama season on Friday and Saturday, April 23 and 24.

“Our Place” and “A Virtual Whodunnit” will be staged at 7 p.m. on Friday and 2 p.m. on Saturday. While the shows are live on-stage in Badin’s Little Theatre, there will be no live audience because of the pandemic. The plays will be livestreamed online at

“These are two good shows that our students have enjoyed preparing,” Badin drama director Sarah Cline said.

“Our Place” takes place on a dock at a lake, with five different vignettes – including a finale that draws the entire cast together for a closing that is both comic and tragic, and enables them to discover the true meaning of Our Place.

“A Virtual Whodunnit” features a billionaire bully who is threatening to change his will – when he is suddenly electrocuted through his phone. There are plenty of suspects – all being interviewed via Zoom call by detective Rockford Sloan.

“It’s very funny,” Cline said of that show. “People watching it on Friday may need to watch it again on Saturday to see what they missed because they were laughing so hard!”

And of course, Cline said, the irony is lost on none of the Badin students that they are livestreaming a show featuring Zoom calls on stage with no studio audience.

“They’ve really gone above and beyond with their efforts to put on plays in the midst of the pandemic,” said Cline of what is now four shows by Badin during the school year. “I think they really appreciate the opportunity to be on stage during this unusual time.”

The cast for Our Place includes Badin senior Cody Wilmer; juniors Lindsey McKenna, Jillian Palomino and Rebekah Snyder; sophomores Olivia Blanton, Annabelle Payne and Ally Shook; freshmen Patrick Farrell and Samantha Keil; as well as Queen of Peace students Sam Collins, Brady Cook and Maguire Smith and St. Ann student Andrew Keck.

The cast for “A Virtual Whodunnit” includes Badin seniors Hanna Riecke and Cody Wilmer; junior Cole Sumner, sophomores Eva Groh, Hailey Lipp, June Meehan and Ava Wesner; freshman Patrick Farrell and St. Ann student Andrew Keck.

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