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January 11, 2021

‘Cheaters’ offer up a serious topic in January one-act at Badin High

Cheating in the science class will have significant consequences if the students can’t get to the bottom of it in the one-act ensemble drama, “Cheaters,” set for Friday and Saturday, Jan. 22 and 23, at Badin High School.

The performance will be live on the Little Theatre stage at 7 p.m. on Friday and 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, available for an audience through a live-stream. It can be seen by by going online at

“It’s a show that asks a lot of good questions and obviously offers a serious tone,” said Sarah Cline, Badin’s drama director. “There are ripples of reality throughout the entire show as the students grapple with the impact of cheating in the classroom.”

Mr. Abramson, the assistant principal played by BHS junior Cole Sumner, tells the students that if the cheater doesn’t confess, the entire class of Mrs. Lewis (junior Scarlet Ramirez) will fail the test.

Now, the class must play detective on a deadline to determine who is cheating. Who is telling the truth; and who is lying? And what if more than one person was cheating? Will the effort to uncover the truth tear the class apart?

“This topic is obviously food for thought for the all of the students in the show,” Cline said. “That’s why it’s a good show to perform and the students, as always, are doing a nice job with it.”

Referring to the ongoing pandemic, Cline added, “We have to deal with a lot to put on a one-act play with 17 actors in order to keep everyone safe during these unique times. But we are doing it!”

Playing the students in “Cheaters” are Badin seniors Jenny Blackburn, Hannah Riecke and Cody Wilmer; junior Jillian Palomino; sophomores Olivia Blanton, Eva Groh, Hailey Lipp, June Meehan, Annabelle Payne, and Ava Wesner; and freshman Becca Moore. Three Queen of Peace students are in the cast – Sam Collins, Brady Cook and Maguire Smith, as well as Andrew Keck from St. Ann.

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