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November 25, 2019

Badin High food drive hits five figures

Badin High food drive hits five figures
Badin High food drive hits five figures


Badin High School hit five figures in its annual Canned Food Drive as students stepped once up again for the holiday food needs of the community.

“It was another great year,” said Mrs. Erin Keating, Student Council moderator whose organization oversees the annual drive. “Our students and families recognize the importance of food security and work hard to make a difference.”

Badin students donated a total of 11,862 food items, led by the sophomores with an average of more than 30 cans per student.

The Badin goal is 10 cans per student, which would be 6,200 cans. All classes eclipsed that goal with ease as the school nearly doubled the overall goal. As a school, Badin students averaged more than 19 cans per student.

“It’s rewarding to see how the students take it seriously, organizing weekend drives in their neighborhoods and other initiatives,” Keating said. “We do this every year, and every year the students respond. It’s very gratifying and very helpful to the overall community.”

Canned goods this year were distributed to three locations -- Open Door Food Pantry, Queen City Kitchen, and Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses. The latter two are located in Cincinnati and were a primary focus of Badin’s “Urban Action Days” for the sophomore class.

The Canned Food Drive is the first event in Badin’s Spirit Week competition. Badin’s annual Spirit Week will take place the week of Feb. 10, 2020.

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