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Performing Arts - Music

Badin’s music program offers an exciting atmosphere for students to excel on their instrument, while learning new instruments in the process. Together, students learn classic songs to today’s hits that appeal to all generations.

Our purpose is to equip students with the skills to be performing musicians at a high capacity. We invite all students who are interested in music and the proper tools to, not only thrive musically, but academically in many areas!

Discovering the love of music and having fun is the goal. We invite all who are interested to participate in the Badin Music experience!

Music Opportunities

Badin Rocks Ensemble

The “Badin Rocks” Ensemble incorporates musicians collaborating to develop multi-genre stage performances. The ensemble consists of Vocalists, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Horns, Strings, Percussion, and Audio Production.

The class will develop each student’s ability to prepare for performances, read music, improvise, collaborate with others, and perform musically at a high level. “Badin Rocks” performs various shows throughout the school year, including our annual Winter & Spring concerts. This class is taught by both Mr. Ross & Mr. Provart.

Guitar Program, Beginner & Advanced

The Beginner and Advanced Guitar Program encourages students to learn popular songs that they enjoy while gaining an understanding of the guitar and music in general. Both classes include varying degrees of music notation reading, improvisation skills, ear training and all other aspects of becoming a well rounded guitar player. The goal is for the student to be able to express themselves musically through the guitar and enjoy it for a lifetime.

CCP Music 1121, Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation is available for college credit (CCP) through Sinclair College. The semester course will study basic parameters of music through a variety of styles and time periods, from Gregorian Chant to current popular hits. No prior musical knowledge is required.

Music Technology Class

Today’s top music artists use Garageband, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live with streaming platforms like OBS and Twitch to share their music with the world.

his class goes over the steps to start a student’s musical journey from an idea into a piece of art. Students experience the process of writing their own songs with in-class instruction, using the latest technology to capture digital and live instruments.

Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble is designed to give existing music students a challenging and rewarding experience rooted in music reading and advanced improvisation skills. The experience will give students a greater detailed knowledge of the Jazz genre by playing challenging and fun pieces of music. By playing Jazz music daily, students will become more confident in improvisation, chord comping, and overall music theory understanding and application.

Drum Set & Percussion

This class is designed to teach any student from absolute beginners to advanced players how to play popular songs using sheet music, lead sheets, rhythmic study, patterns, grooves, and drum fills, along with mallet and hand percussion. This class equips students to participate in Jazz Ensemble & Badin Rocks. Students will be coached based on their experience level and gain a new understanding of rhythm. All levels and experience are welcome.

After School and Extra-Curricular Music Opportunities

Liturgical Music Group
The Liturgical Music group plays at all the Masses for the school. The group is open to all students who would like to play and sing during the all-school Masses. The goal of the group is to help celebrate the Mass and further students' musical and Catholic development.

The Badin Music Department offers a different opportunity after school each day. Whether you are enrolled in a music class or not, these opportunities are provided at no cost and open to all students. These are great opportunities for any students who want to be involved in music, but do not have a music class scheduled. All classes occur on designated days after school for 45 minutes from 2:45pm - 3:30pm in the Music Room.

  • Monday - Friday - Office Hours with Mr. Provart & Mr. Ross until 3PM - Ask any questions to advance your music skills or curiosity! Stop by the Main Music Room.

All classes occur as long as Badin has school that day.