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Underclass Laptop Return

Attention Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen:

  1. You must turn in your laptop AND your charger by May 25th. If these are not returned to Mr. Memory or Mr. Wurzbacher, the Office will withhold your Report Card.
  2. If you are exempt from all exams, you may bring your laptop and charger to the Tech Dept on or before Friday, May 19th.
  3. During Exam Week, Mr. Memory and Mr. Wurzbacher will be in the PFAC from 8:30 - 11:30AM to receive your laptop & charger. You should bring these after your last Exam or when you no longer need the laptop & charger.
  4. If there is any damage to your laptop or your charger, the student and their family are financially responsible. If you do not turn in a charger, your FACTS account will be charged $37 for the cost of a new Dell charger. Also, if you turn in a knock-off charger, your FACTS account will be charged for the Dell-specified charger ($37). You were issued a genuine Dell charger, and that is what must be turned in.
  5. We plan to reconfigure your laptop. It will be completely erased & re-imaged. So, if you want to keep any documents, data, pics, or projects that are stored to the hard drive or to your Students shared drive, you must create a Google folder and move your documents , data, pics, or projects to that Google folder. We will not do this for you.
  6. We will print new labels for your laptop and your charger.These labels must NEVER be removed. Additionally, we will record the serial number of your charger. So, we will know which charger was issued to any particular student.
  7. The Tech Dept plans on having your laptop ready to pick up in August. This summer, please watch for an email from The Tech Dept with instructions to reserve a time & date to come to Badin and pick up your laptop.

Questions, please contact:
Mike Memory
(513) 863-3993 ext 130