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Graduation Requirements

Class of 2023 and Beyond


1. A student must fulfill course requirements as determined by the state of Ohio and Stephen T. Badin High School:

Course Number of Credits Specific Required Courses at Badin
English Four credits English I-IV. Can be CP, ACP, Honors, AP
Social Studies Three and one-half World History, US History, Government
Math Four credits Algebra II. Required to take math each year
Science Three credits Biology, Chemistry
Visual or Performing Arts One credit Any courses within the Visual or Performing Arts curriculum
Health One half credit Health – usually taken within freshmen or sophomore year
Physical Education One half credit Full year of Physical Education
Other Electives Two and one-half credits Additional electives taken in
Religion Four credits One year of Religious Studies for each year of attendance at Badin High School

Physical Education Requirement Exception:
If a student participates in interscholastic athletics or cheerleading for two full seasons, that student can qualify for an exemption for Physical Education.

2. Students must also show competency:

Pathway Ohio State Tests
Description Earn a passing score on the Algebra I and English II tests on the Iowa. If they do not earn a passing score, they must show competency through one of the three options listed in the Show Competency Chart below.
Additional Information Students will take IOWA (ITBS) tests during the spring of their freshmen year. Students who need additional points will re-take as needed.

Satisfy the new graduation requirements for the classes of 2023 and beyond by:

Show Competency
All students must earn a passing score on Algebra I and English II IOWA tests. Students who do not pass will be offered additional support and must retake the test at least once. If students do not pass the tests, they must pursue one of the options in competency AND readiness.
Show competency (complete one of the three listed in the columns below)
Demonstrate two career focused activities Enlist in the military Complete College Coursework – earn one credit of college-level math and/or English through College Credit Plus (CCP) Program

3. Students must also show readiness:

Show Readiness
Students must earn two of the following diploma seals, choosing those that line up with your goals and interests. These seals give you the chance to demonstrate academic, technical and professional skills and knowledge that align to your passions, interests and planned next steps after high school.
Show readiness   (earn two diploma seals)   All seals are listed below
Industry Recognized
College Ready
Military Enlistment
Honors Diploma
Community Service
Fine and Performing Arts
Student Engagement

Resources for the Class of 2023 and Beyond

Testing Information

IOWA (ITBS – Iowa Test of Basic Skills) During students freshmen year, they will take the full battery of IOWA tests that cover:
  • Reading
  • Written Expression
  • Vocabulary
  • Mathematics
  • Computation
  • Social Studies
  • Science
Students will receive a raw score that will then be converted to the state performance levels. Information concerning the Iowa Test Cut Scores can be found here – Alternative Assessment Information.
State Sponsored ACT Students will take the state sponsored ACT during the spring semester of their Junior Year. This ACT is provided free of charge for all students.
Additional information concerning this test will be communicated in January before the test administration in late February/early March.

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