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Financial Aid Information

Dear Parents,
The financial aid program at Badin consists of financial aid grants and the work program. The financial aid program is based on need, determined by an analysis from FACTS Grant and Aid. If you feel you have financial need, we encourage you to apply for aid by completing the Grand and Aid application, online through FACTS.

Grants run from $500 to half of tuition, depending on the funds available. Last year, 302 students applied for financial aid and almost 50% received grants. The total value of financial aid from grants and the work program is over $325,000. Parents will be notified if they qualify for a grant and the amount of the grant in January.

The work program is offered to students who have applied for financial aid. There are two (2) different sessions from which to choose. Students work over the summer and are credited with $1,000 off their tuition. Students would work from 7 a.m. to 12 noon during the summer. The work performed consists of janitorial activities such as cleaning classrooms and cleaning up outside. Applications and details of the work program will be mailed in April to all parents who apply for financial aid. All students who are selected must obtain a work permit prior to starting the work program which will be processed through our school office.

Click HERE for FACTS site.

The cost of processing the FACTS application is $35.00. It is important that you follow the directions and supply all the information requested. All the information supplied by you in the application is confidential. A new application for financial aid must be submitted each year you apply, even if you have received financial aid in the past.

The deadline for submitting the financial aid forms is December 1. The available financial aid is allocated based on the applications received. If your application is incomplete, it is unlikely you will receive financial aid.

In summary, financial aid grants and the work program are applied for through the Grant and Aid Application. If you have any questions, please call us and we will be glad to assist you. We cannot, however, help you prepare your tax return or assist in extending the due date.

For more information, visit our Financial Aid Information page, or contact the Finance Department at Badin High School - Renee Brock at or 513.863.3993 x164.