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EdChoice Scholarship Program

Badin High School is a provider for the Ohio Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program. The State of Ohio provides a limited number of state-funded scholarships to students who attend public schools that have been designated as low-performing. These scholarships may be used to attend private schools such as Badin.

Students assigned to a low-performing public school who are currently attending a private school with an EdChoice voucher can apply to transfer the voucher to Badin High School.

Students who are interested in attending Badin must first be accepted for the next school year. Once accepted to Badin High School, students interested in applying for an EdChoice Scholarship must submit the following to the Badin Admissions Office:

  • A completed and signed EdChoice Scholarship Request Form or EdChoice Scholarship Renewal Form.
  • Current proof of address (copy of a qualified utility bill as indicated on form).
  • Copy of your student’s birth certificate.
  • Copy of all custody/guardianship documentation for the student.

Those families interested in applying for low income priority must complete the Income Verification Form and submit it directly to the Ohio Department of Education by the deadline determined by ODE.

ALL necessary EdChoice information and forms are available on the State of Ohio Department of Education EdChoice webpage.

Your student’s EdChoice application will be considered complete once all the above have been received. Badin High School will then submit your student’s information to the Ohio Department of Education through the secure web-based EdChoice Scholarship application system. The Ohio Department of Education determines qualification and will notify parents if a Scholarship is to be awarded.

The list of EdChoice-designated public schools, forms and additional details are available through the Ohio Department of Education website

EdChoice Questions?
Please contact Brian Pendergest, President
513-863-3993 x115

For more information regarding Admissions:
Natalie Carley ‘14
Director of Admissions
513-863-3993 x400
571 New London Rd.
Hamilton, OH 45013

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EdChoice Information
Brian Pendergest
513-863.3993 x115