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Class of 2024 Top Nine Highlights

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The Class of 2024 has 137 students.

A total of 41 students were members of the $250,000 Club, having received $250,000 or more in academic scholarship offers from colleges and universities. Those 41 students received $22.4 million in academic offers.


Tyler Abner

Class Rank: 1 (tied)

Parents: Lori and Pete Abner
Plans to attend: West Virginia University
Majoring in: Immunology and Medical Microbiology
Grade school: Queen of Peace
Career goals after college: Physician
Favorite thing in high school: Playing football, especially the Hamilton and Wapakoneta games.
Favorite class at Badin: CCP Physio
Favorite Badin teacher: Mrs. Breetz, she was the teacher I had the most classes with at Badin by far and taught me a lot of things that will be very relevant to my future career. She has a clear passion for teaching and communicates information in a clear and efficient manner.
Extra-curricular Activities & Awards: Football, Wrestling, National Merit Finalist, Front Desk Volunteer at Kettering Health
Scholarships received: University Merit Scholarship - West Virginia University, Presidential Scholarship – University of Alabama, Cincinnatus University Scholarship – University of Cincinnati, RedHawk Excellence Scholarship - Miami University, Trustees' Merit Scholarship - University of Dayton, Bluegrass Spirit Scholarship - University of Kentucky, Deans Scholarship - Indiana University, Ohio Excellence Scholarship - Ohio University
Colleges applied to: West Virginia University, Ohio University, Miami University, University of Indiana, University of Dayton Ohio State University, University of Alabama, University of Oklahoma, University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville


Brayden Eldridge

Class Rank: 1 (tied)

Parents: Joshua and Frances Smith
Majoring in: Engineering
Grade school: Sacred Heart School


Paige Harris

Class Rank: 1 (tied)

Parents: Rob and Maria Harris
Plans to attend: Ohio University
Majoring in: Studio Art with a minor in Entrepreneurship
Grade school: Sacred Heart of Jesus
Career goals after college: I love the idea of having my own art business that combines my interests of faith and service, however, I may pursue another art career.
Favorite thing in high school: Service! I've gotten to explore a lot of different issues and meet as well as grow closer to a lot of amazing people. Serving others brings out the best in people and I love being able to experience that. My service trip to Montgomery, Alabama was a time I am so grateful for and the highlight of all of my service experiences.
Favorite class at Badin: Art IV with Mrs. Daniels and religion with Mrs. Enderle
Favorite Badin teacher: Mrs. Breetz is one of my favorite teachers because she truly cares about what she teaches while also caring about the well-being of her students and both of those traits are evident in her work.
Extra-curricular Activities: Activities: Badin soccer, soccer with FOSC, Service Leadership Board, Scholar Leader Academy, Student Ambassador, National Honor Society
Awards: Carol Michael Williams Scholarship, Jeff Boyle Group at Keller Williams Associate Partners Scholarship, St. Michael's College Book Award, Congressional Art Competition Grand Prize, Tomorrow's Artists Today First Place in Painting, Congressional Art Competition Honorable Mention
Scholarships received: Faculty Scholarship (Centre College), Studio Arts Scholarship (Centre College), Merit Scholarship (Butler University), OHIO Excellence Scholarship (Ohio University), OHIO Tradition Scholarship (Ohio University), OHIO Admission Promise (Ohio University), Entrepreneurship Honors Program Scholarship (Ohio University), Saint Francis Academic Scholarship (Marian University), Fine Arts Talent Scholarship (Marian University), San Damiano Scholarship (Marian University), RedHawk Excellence Scholarship (Miami University), Prodesse Scholars Program Scholarship (Miami University), Cincinnatus University Scholarship (University of Cincinnati), William McMaster Scholarship (University of Cincinnati), Trustees' Merit Scholarship (University of Dayton), Visual Arts Scholarship (University of Dayton), Merit Scholarship (Xavier University), McAuley Art Scholarship (Xavier University), St. Ignatius Scholarship (Xavier University), Ohio Governor's Merit Scholarship, PEO Foundation Ohio Scholarship
Colleges applied to: University of Dayton, University of Cincinnati, Marian University, Xavier University, Ohio University, Miami University, Butler University, Centre College


Rudy Joesting

Class Rank: 1 (tied)

Parents: Rich and Emily Joesting
Plans to attend: The University of Alabama
Majoring in: Mechanical Engineering
Grade school: Fairfield City Schools
Career goals after college: Aerospace engineer working for NASA or Lockheed Martin designing aircraft / spacecraft
Favorite thing in high school: The TEAMS state and national competitions. We traveled to Louisville and competed with numerous other schools over the course of 4 days.
Favorite class at Badin: AP Physics II
Favorite Badin teacher: Mr. Merz
Extra-curricular Activities & Awards: National Merit Finalist, National Honor Society, Scholar Leader Academy, Badin Student Ambassador, Fairfield Lacrosse (1 year captain), Badin Cross Country (1 year captain), Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award Sponsored by University of Rochester, National Community Service - Honor Award
Scholarships received: University of Alabama - National Merit Finalist Scholarship
Colleges applied to: The University of Alabama


Cameron Mueller

Class Rank: 1 (tied)

Parents: Scott & Kim Mueller
Plans to attend: The University of Alabama
Majoring in: Data Science
Grade school: St. Ann Catholic School (Hamilton)
Career goals after college: Right now my goal is to work in the field of sports analytics hopefully for basketball but really for any sport because I think working that closely with higher level athletic programs would be really cool but if that doesn’t work out I’m hoping to get more into the business side of data analytics or biostatistics field
Favorite thing in high school: My favorite part of my Badin experience would have to be winning the district championship with the basketball team this year. It was such an awesome experience to be able to share with my teammates and classmates and it was also just really cool to be a part of the first team to make that deep of a tournament run in over 20 years.
Favorite class at Badin: CCP Anatomy and Physiology ll even though it doesn’t really relate to what I plan to do. I learned about the heart which was especially interesting to me because I have a genetic heart defect.
Favorite Badin teacher: My favorite Badin teacher would have to be Mrs. Breetz because I have had her for multiple courses and I really enjoy her style of teaching. She also inspired me to take a more vested interest in biology and life sciences.
Extra-curricular Activities & Awards: Scholar Leader Academy, National Honors Society, 4-year varsity cross country runner (3rd Team All GCL League Honors Sophomore-Senior), varsity basketball, Summer in Solidarity 2023
Scholarships received: The Ohio State University (Maximus Scholarship), Mount St. Joseph University (Mount St. Joseph University Scholarship), Saint Louis University (Vice President's Scholarship), University of Louisville (Border Benefit & Merit), Xavier University (Academic Merit Scholarship), Bowling Green State University (University Freshman Academic Scholarship), Ohio University (Ohio Excellence Scholarship & Ohio Traditions Scholarship), Ball State University, (Presidential Scholarship), University of Alabama (Presidential Scholarship), University of Dayton (Trustees Merit Scholarship), Butler University (Academic Merit Scholarship), Capital University (Main Street Scholarship & Comet Community Award), University of Cincinnati (Cincinnatus University Scholarship)
Colleges applied to: The Ohio State University, Mount St. Joseph University, Saint Louis University, University of Louisville, Xavier University, Bowling Green State University, Ohio University, Ball State University, University of Alabama, University of Dayton, Butler University, Capital University, University of Cincinnati, University of Michigan, Case Western University, University of Illinois
Other interesting information: I played piano for 9 years and I was selected to perform for my music academy on the piano at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville in the summer of 2022.


Maggie Peter

Class Rank: 1 (tied)

Parents: Tony and Lisa Peter
Plans to attend: Purdue University
Majoring in: Cybersecurity
Grade school: Queen of Peace School
Career goals after college: After college, I would like to apply my degree in cybersecurity to a government field. My goal is to get a job in either the FBI or Department of Homeland Security. I have always loved service, so this field would let me combine service with my passion for technology. I also love to travel, and I think this field would support that.
Favorite thing in high school: My favorite part of my Badin experience has been service. I started service my freshman year and fell in love with the people and organizations it can connect you to. Service has always been a passion of mine, so I am very grateful to Badin and Mrs. Halverson for giving me the resources to grow. I have also loved how Badin encourages you to be a diverse student and join every opportunity that interests you. Student Council wasn't on my radar coming into high school, but I am so glad I joined and became a valuable member.
Favorite class at Badin: AP Biology - most challenging but rewarding class
Favorite Badin teacher: My favorite Badin teachers are Mrs. Gazin and Mr. Smith. I have had Mrs. Gazin for two classes and as my homeroom teacher at Badin. She always has her students at the center of her focus and challenges them to think deeper. I’ve loved the debates and discussions we have about the books we read and other pieces of literature. I had Mr. Smith for Physics and I definitely learned something new every class. He has such a broad knowledge that is inspiring and fascinating.
Extra-curricular Activities & Awards: Varsity Football and Basketball Cheer/ Competition Cheer, Business Professionals of America, Scholar Leader Academy, National Honor Society, Student Council (Executive Vice President), Service Leadership Board, Badin Ambassador/ Marketing Representative, Brown University Book Award, Hamilton Community Foundation Youth Philanthropy Committee, Underpants For All Non-Profit, First Honors every year, AP Scholar with Honor, Peer Tutoring
Scholarships received: Loyola University (Presidential Scholarship), Marquette University (Magis Campus Resident Scholarship and Père Marquette Scholarship), Purdue University (Presidential Scholarship), St Louis University (Vice President's Scholarship and Catholic High School Award), University of Alabama (Presidential Scholarship and Engineering Scholarship), University of Cincinnati (Cincinnatus Scholarship and Students in STEM Scholarship), University of Dayton (Trustees' Merit Scholarship and Leadership in Service Scholarship), University of Kentucky (Bluegrass Spirit Scholarship), Xavier University (Merit Scholarship), Miami University (RedHawk Excellence Scholarship, Choose Ohio First Pathways, and Prodesse Scholars Program Scholarship), Ohio Governor's Scholarship
Colleges applied to: Loyola University, Marquette University, Miami University, Mount St Joseph University, Purdue University, St Louis University, University of Alabama, University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, University of Kentucky, and Xavier University


Lena Trokhan

Class Rank: 1 (tied)

Parents: Darren and Cynamon Trokhan
Plans to attend: University of Tennessee (Knoxville)
Majoring in: Psychology and Neuroscience
Grade school: St. Joseph Consolidated School
Career goals after college: My current plan is to obtain a doctorate in Psychology.
Favorite thing in high school: My favorite part of the Badin experience has been service. This is because of the friends I made, the people I’ve been able to help and connect with, and Mrs. Halverson. Through service I have gained some of my best friends. I loved being able to learn about different issues that affect our community as well as the misinformation that is often brought up when discussing them. Mrs. Halverson truly cares for everyone and is an amazing person to talk to. Service has brought me closer to my fellow students and community and I am forever thankful for that!
Favorite class at Badin: AP Biology with Mrs. Breetz.
Favorite Badin teacher: Dr. O’Hara is one of my favorite teachers because he consistently pushes his students to achieve great things. He genuinely cares about and what he teaches and has a great impact on everyone who takes his class.
Extra-curricular Activities & Awards:
Activities: Badin swim team captain, Powel Crosley YMCA swim team, New London Hills Swim Team, National Honors Society, Student Ambassador Officer, Scholar Leader Academy, Badin Art Studio, Summer in Solidarity
Awards: OHSAA Scholar Athlete, First Honors all four years, AP Scholar
Scholarships received: University of Tennessee Volunteer Scholarship, University of Alabama Presidential Scholarship, University of Kentucky William C. Parker Scholarship, University of Kentucky Bluegrass Spirit Scholarship, Case Western Reserve University Scholarship, Cincinnatus University Scholarship, The Ohio State University Scholarship, Ken and Karen McFarland Memorial Scholarship, Ohio Governors Merit Scholarship, and the Procter and Gamble Scholarship
Colleges applied to: University of Tennessee, University of Alabama, University of Kentucky, University of Cincinnati, University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University, and Ohio State University.


Paige Butler

Class Rank: 8

Parents: Tina and Jason Butler
Plans to attend: University of Evansville
Majoring in: Exercise Science on the Pre-PT track
Grade school: St. Ann
Career goals after college: I want to become a Physical Therapist and work in or around Ohio so that I am still close to family.
Favorite thing in high school: My favorite part of my Badin experience has been meeting new people and making so many new and close friends. The community around Badin is so close and welcoming that it is easy to meet new people and I now have some of my closest friends that I met through service, sports, and classes.
Favorite class at Badin: CCP physio
Favorite Badin teacher: Mrs. Breetz because she makes everything that she teaches fun and entertaining. I have had her for 4 different classes during my time at Badin and she makes every class enjoyable. She doesn't just care about making sure that we know the material, but also about her students' well being. She sets aside class time every week for Motivational Mondays and Attitude of Gratitude to help us to focus on the little things in life that make us happy and make out lives better which is amazing.
Extra-curricular Activities & Awards: Basketball, Scholar Leader Academy, National Honor Society, Ambassador Program, Kairos Leader, First Honors every semester, Merit Award for service, ServeOhio Community Impact Award
Scholarships received: John C. Moore Scholarship (University of Evansville, Presidential Scholarship (University of Evansville), Visit Scholarship (University of Evansville), Catholic High School Award (Saint Louis University), Vice Presidents' Scholarship (Saint Louis University) Dr. Baxter Honors Scholarship (Walsh University), Arcadia University Distinguished Scholarship (Arcadia University), University Scholarship (Seton Hall University), Summer Scholarship (Seton Hall University), Founders' Scholarship (Saint Francis University), Redhawk Excellence Scholarship (Miami University), Prodesse Scholars Program Scholarship (Miami University)
Colleges applied to: University of Evansville, Saint Louis University, Walsh University, Arcadia University, Seton Hall University, Saint Francis University, Miami University
Other interesting information: I have had two knee surgeries before the age of 18.


Nolan Thomas

Class Rank: 9

Parents: Michael and Sandi Thomas
Plans to attend: The Ohio State University
Majoring in: Biology
Grade school: Fairfield Crossroads Middle School
Career goals after college: I want to become a Physician’s assistant and hopefully work with a neurologist however, the options are endless with this field.
Favorite thing in high school: Kairos
Favorite class at Badin: AP Biology
Favorite Badin teacher: Mrs Breetz was my favorite teacher because of her bubbly personality and teaching style. She made it easy to learn all I needed especially in such difficult classes and she prepared me well for each test. Her Motivational Mondays also provide a great time to reflect and have a better mindset.
Extra-curricular Activities & Awards: 3 year varsity Cross Country Runner, 3rd team GCL in cross country, 4 year varsity Fairfield Lacrosse Player
Colleges applied to: Indiana University, Ohio State University, Ohio University and University of Cincinnati


8 members of the Class of 2024 are majoring in Art in college:

  • Amber Buss
    Ohio University, majoring in Studio Art
  • Julia Cogan
    University of Cincinnati, majoring in Architecture
  • Emmy Demmel
    Miami University, majoring in Fashion Design
  • Paige Harris
    Ohio University, majoring in Studio Art
  • Maddie Kaiser
    University of Cincinnati, majoring in Fine Arts & Marketing
  • Vaughn Smith
    Ohio University, majoring in Music Production & Recording Industry
  • Dylan Klefeker
    University of Cincinnati, majoring in Applied Media Communications
  • Patrick Farrell
    American Musical and Dramatic Academy of New York (AMDA), majoring in Musical Theater


A total of 21 student-athletes from Badin’s Class of 2024 have signed to play sports in college:

  • Baseball:
  • Matty Helms
    Northern Kentucky University
  • Ian Price
    Mount St. Joseph University
  • Tyler Verdin
    Heidelberg University
  • Austin Buckle
    football and baseball, Mount St. Joseph University
  • Football:
  • Aidan Brown
    Thomas More University
  • Nate Ostendorf
    Gannon (Pa.) University
  • Alex Ritzie
    Thomas More University
  • Drew Vocke
    Centre College
  • Drew Enginger
    Thomas More University
  • Jed Ngoy
    University of Charleston (WVa)
  • Zach Yordy
    Case Western Reserve
  • Lacrosse:
  • Carson Cheek
    Cleveland State University
  • Soccer:
  • Mia Harding
    University of Saint Joseph (Conn.)
  • Ava Hess
    University of Southern Indiana
  • Emma Rhodis
    Wittenberg University
  • Katie Singleton
    Bluffton University
  • Ty Long
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Synchronized Skating:
  • Natalie Wurzelbacher
    Miami University
  • Tennis:
  • Steven Chen
    Thomas More University
  • Volleyball:
  • Abby White
    Cumberland (Tenn.) University
  • Jordan Brockman
    Central State University


9 seniors participated in our first annual Art Signing.